At HITOp, we believe nurses have the most to contribute to interoperability requirements and workflow analysis.Healthcare professionals giving a thumbs up.

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    "Healthcare organizations that work to develop an engaged nursing informatics culture often find improved clinical outcomes, increased patient and provider satisfaction, and more effective change management processes as a result of their efforts. Nurses’ expertise in the effective integration of clinical, operational, and IT workflows support healthcare organizations to:

    • Understand where care delivery bottlenecks exist

    • Offer potential solutions

    • Evaluate options for optimal path forward

    An engaged nursing informatics culture is an integral component to effective care delivery. One can often assess the quality, safety and efficiency of care provided to patients by observing how effectively a healthcare organization integrates the strengths nurses bring into their own culture of care. This value guide, developed by the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee, provides an overview of actions to take to develop an engaged nursing informatics culture at your healthcare organization." (HIMSS Nursing website).